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    • New footage proves police assaulted Arab MK at deadly home demolition

      Police initially denied using force against Ayman Odeh, who was shot in the head and back with sponge-tipped bullets moments after a Bedouin man and a police officer were killed in a tragic incident. Newly released footage shows Israeli police assaulting Palestinian member of Knesset Ayman Odeh at a home demolition during which one Bedouin man and a police officer were killed earlier this year. Police told +972 Magazine that Odeh had been struck by protesters’ stones at the time, only to change their story in the hours and days that followed. The video, shot by an Al Jazeera cameraman,…

    • Women speak out against harassment in Gaza

      'I didn’t know what to do. He kept insisting, so I felt that I had to answer him to make him stop, I told him that I’m married and have three kids but he didn’t believe me.' A report about the women no longer willing to stay silent and the difficulties they face. By Mohammed Moussa Writer’s note: Some women passengers quoted in this story asked that their last names be withheld to protect their privacy. GAZA CITY – The growing number of women speaking out against sexual assault and harassment at the hands of powerful men seems to have…

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    • Hundreds of Palestinians on the brink of expulsion: ‘We just want to live'

      Three hundred Palestinians have been ordered to leave their homes and take with them all their belongings within the next eight days. Where are they supposed to go? The military order provides no answers. In the meantime, they wait for the rain that refuses to come. By Keren Manor / They are about to be expelled from their homes but every person I met on our visit to the community of Ein al-Hilweh in the Jordan Valley asked us if there was news of rain. The farmers and shepherds in Ein al-Hilweh and in the neighboring village of Umm…

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    • 'You are all traitors': The political persecution of Breaking the Silence

      That the minister of justice can singlehandedly launch an investigation against the anti-occupation group is a symptom of the decline of the rule of law and creeping authoritarianism within the Green Line. By Joshua Leifer It is not often that the justice minister of a country personally demands the investigation of a political adversary to prove they did not commit a crime. But that is precisely what happened last week in the absurd case of Dean Issacharoff, the spokesperson for Israeli anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence. The state prosecutor announced last Thursday that the investigation into Issacharoff’s claim that he…

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    • Israel Hayom's new target: Conscientious objector's mother

      'Israel Hayom' put a high school principal in its crosshairs after she expressed support for her daughter's refusal to serve in the IDF. This is what a witch hunt looks like. By Yael Marom Israel Hayom, the newspaper funded by Netanyahu patron Sheldon Adelson, and the country's most circulated daily, has found yet another target. After an unsuccessful attempt last week to bring about the firing of Palestinian-Israeli journalist Makbula Nassar a week earlier, this week  Israel Hayom put Iris Gur, the mother of conscientious objector Noa Gur Golan, in its crosshairs. [tmwinpost] Gur, an elementary school principal, has expressed support…

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    • How to deal with modern anti-Semitism? The Jewish Left is leading the way

      For too long, the Right has claimed a monopoly on fighting antisemitism, especially when it relates to Israel. It's been a fraught year for the American Jewish Left. Anti-Semitism continues to be stoked by the president and his inner and outer circles; the institutional Jewish community is openly courting anti-Semites; and verbal and legislative assaults from the Israeli and American right on 'traitorous' Jewish anti-occupation and BDS advocates continue to rack up. Meanwhile, Congress recently hosted a debate about anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses, largely geared toward making criticism of Israel a part of Title VI's definition of anti-Semitism. [tmwinpost] Moreover, a number…

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    • Some Israelis think human rights are incompatible with Judaism. They’re wrong

      We must reject the false choice between giving up on our traditions and accepting narrow, tribal, and racist interpretations of Judaism. By Yariv Mohar Judaism and humanism are increasingly seen as diametrically opposed in Israel today. Labor Party chairman Avi Gabbay’s recent remarks, in which he echoed Netanyahu’s infamous comment that “the Left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish,” thrust back into the public discourse the sad and false notion that Judaism is incompatible with the belief in equality of all human beings. If nothing else, the current controversy presents an opportunity to discuss the matter. [tmwinpost] Sadly, in…

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